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    Get simple, fast financing for every franchise need with Direct Capital, from remodels and new stores to equipment upgrades, extra inventory and advertising. Direct Capital has worked with store owners of some of America’s most popular franchises to provide them with the financing they need to improve their stores and expand their businesses. Franchisees can access up to $500,000 application only or up to $1 million with financials by utilizing Direct Capital’s online application. With flexible terms and payment options, Direct Capital offers franchisees fast funding while providing a remarkable financing experience guided by years of experience.

  • Why Choose Franchise Financing?

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    Get financing for any franchise need, from remodels to technology upgrades:

    • Remodels
    • Technology & Equipment Upgrades
    • Working Capital
    • New Stores
    • Acquisitions


    Choose from our selection of financing products, terms, and payment options to get the capital your franchise needs.

    Payment Interval:  Intervals vary by financing product. Seasonal and deferred payment plans are available.  
  • Franchise Financing DQ Testimonial

    “I followed through the process and literally in a matter of minutes I had done everything I needed to do and I found out right then and there, or within an hour, that it was approved. I never dreamed that with somebody I didn’t have a relationship with before, that I could turn around… and get it done so fast.”

    Bill Hall Franchisee
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